The P2P & Digital Banking Revolution

Providing near-instant consumer loan solutions based on highly advanced AI document and risk analysis.
Also, casually developing the only all-in-one, open banking solution with a personal AI finance manager.

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How it works

Near-instant Loans

Providing ultra-fast P2P consumer loans. Backed by our state of the art AI, payouts are faster than ever before.

Lightning-fast payouts and perfect conditions.

No tiring bureaucracy and easy to use platform

AI Systems handle everything, better than humans.

Secure Investments

With our P2P investment platform, Safera provides safe, high return investments for anyone looking to grow their capital.

High ROI

Backed by our buyback guarantee

Easy to use tools and dashboard

What we bring:

Intuitive System

Our dashboards were designed with minimalism in mind. Easy to use both for investors and clients.

Great Returns

By investing in consumer loans we enable anyone to grow their capital with great monthly returns.

AI Analysis

Our AI systems analyse everything from documents up to risk and even predict future repayment issues, making this one of the safest investments possible.


The Process

Loan is Requested

User requests loan, goes through the streamlined process and submits all data.

AI Analysis

Based on what was submitted our AI analyses everything and attributes a risk score and interest rate for fair conditions.


Either automated through our investment AI or manually, the investor chooses a loan to fund.


The user receives the funds on their account within a few seconds with flexible payment conditions.

An overview of
our Features

High return on investment for our investors.

Quickest, easiest and most intuitive loan solution on the planet. Nothing comes even close to our approach.

Remove human error and time factor with AI based analysis.

Intuitive app with great tools and easy payouts + deposits.

Buyback guarantee for investors, protecting them from potential losses. We handle debt collection.

Best data protection on the market to avoid any potential leaks or hacks.

Future Expansion Plan

We have big ambitions and already built a solid expansion plan. Our next planned ventures include the future of digital banking, new improved crowdfunding for startups and much more.  Moreover, with our base in Lisbon, Portugal our future within the international market is already guaranteed.

We will not stop until becoming industry leaders within the financial market.

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