About Safera

Why we started Safera.

Safera is a startup born in Rio de Janeiro, out of necessity. The necessity of simpler, less beaurocratic and quicker loan solutions, and to make it more accessible for the broad population. We quickly started realizing that focusing only on the Brazilian market is not enough and started operations in Portugal, as our European HQ.
This idea is here to disrupt the entire banking industry and reshape the entire loan industry.

We chose the P2P model as it brings benefits for both sides, the investors and the borrowers. Investors enjoy great capital growth, while borrowers get a quick and fair loan solution.

With our AI-based systems, no human interaction is required for approval anymore, hence enabling lightning-fast risk assessments and document checks.

At the moment, we are raising our seed round to launch our product in Brazil and Portugal and developing our digital banking solution. (in ideation)

The Safera

Here at Safera we aim to create an environment beyond any traditional working conditions. Our goal is to have a dynamic and delightful working experience to boost both employee happiness and productivity, inspired by what Google managed to achieve.
Our Team is like family. 



Our Core

These are some of our most important values within the Safera community.


Passion & Quality



Fair Working Conditions


Our Team of Highly
Qualified Experts.

Daniel Gruber

Founder and CEO

Celio Luan Mello

Founder and CMO

Gustavo Abrantes

Founder and CFO

Igor Fernandes

Chief Design Officer

Genesis Scorpione

Financial Director

Hebert Genowei

Accounting Director

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